Oregon Legislature passes Senate Bill 608

Last month the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 608, which aims to provide relief for renters via rent control measure and by instituting tighter controls over the eviction process.  Tyler Neese, the Government Affairs Director for the Central Oregon Association of Realtors joined us at our office to provide a three-page billeted recap of the landlord-tenant law changes associated with this bill.

What are the main categories impacted by this Law?

Actually, there  are quite a few including:

  • A limit on rental rate increases that cannot exceed 7% plus changes in the consumer price index within a one year period.
  • Eliminating no-cause evictions on tenants in place for one year or longer.
  • Changes to month to month tenancies as well as fixed-term tenancies .

Below are links to the summary provided by the Central Oregon Real Estate Association as well as a copy of the bill.  Since there are numerous exceptions to the categories called out above I’d suggest starting with the COAR document for further details.

For the complete document Presented by Tyler Click HERE

For a complete copy of Senate Bill 608 Click HERE


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